Best practices for live streaming to multiple locations

We would recommend a single stream from your encoder to the web and then streaming from there to various sources. You can use tools like restream.io JWPlayer.com

Can we stream 2 live sessions at the same time?

You sure can! There is no limit to how many simultaneous streams can happen on the site.

What's the difference between Free, Basic and Premium levels?

Free requires guests to only enter an email address while Basic could be a paid membership. Premium is a higher level of paid membership with more or different content. We have clients that have 2 or more paid tiers.

Can I set content based on membership levels ?

There is a Free, Basic, and Premium setting allowed for each member. Based on the different levels you want to create, you can set specific content that's only visible for premium members and other content that's available for all basic memberships.

Can I Create a Custom Domains?

We can accept any domain. We’ll provide a CNAME record for you to point your domain or subdomain to.

ProPrenter / Resi Integration?

We’re excited to explore that integration. Since PP is earlier in the process as long as the stream is coming into Resi, we can support the player experience on our site. I’m really excited to see how this opens up the world for Resi.

When will the course functionality be released?

We expect to have it ready to go by the end of the year.

Can I use the platform to host other people's events?

We have a reseller agreement that would be separate contract. At the moment it's on referral basis, with different commission levels depending on volume. If you're interested in this route, email support@tribesocial.io for more details.

Can I attach PDFs or resources to each piece of content?

This is a popular request. Right now we can create an "attachment" widget to the content entry. This would add a button. Some of our users link to PDF's and other downloads using the "ads" function. But this adds it to all content in the collection.

Can I stream the platform to apple tv or google chrome?

Our preferred player for on demand content would be JW Player. You can host video and use their player which has Apple TV, Chromecast, etc... Checkout this article for instructions.